10 REGRETS Couples Have From Their Weddings – How You Can Avoid It

Regrets?! No way.
Yup, its true.. A lot of couples hold regrets towards their wedding day. Ok well regrets is a really strong word, but they said it! Maybe perhaps a list of things they didn’t like, or things they would for sure do differently.
For me its simple. Its regrets. I have regrets about my wedding…


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Had someone had told me these things, I might have taken the time to really consider them – but when your wedding planning people don’t usually talk about what went wrong at their wedding. I’m here to share with you a list of the top 10 regrets couples had from their wedding days.

I gathered this info from Facebook polls, posts, and Instagram polls & comments! These may not be true for everyone, and not everyone can relate – but these are very real feelings for a lot of couples!



Lets Dive In…

  1. Not Planning Out Enough Time For Everything – Without Feeling Rushed
    Starting off with one of the most common answers I was hearing, not enough time or time was too rushed. Planning a time line is a huge part of wedding planning, and a hard one sometimes. Unless you’re an event planner, its really hard to know what the HECK your doing and just how much time you need for every little thing.

    For starters, check with your venue to see if they offer a rough timeline planning guide. Your Officiant or Commissioner should have a rough idea of how long the ceremony will be, make sure to keep in mind how long your vows may be if your doing personal ones. Generally ceremonies are about 30 minutes long if not super traditional, but more traditional ceremonies can run up to an hour long!

    Other vendors may be able to help with planning too. Photographers often times can help you bang out the PERFECT time line, since they capture a lot of weddings and generally know whens the best for amazing photos/lighting.

    SOO many of the responses I got were “I wish I had done my timeline around lighting for amazing photos” I think often times we forget about lighting, oh well just do formals at 7pm WELL SISTA its super dark outside! Its totally do-ale BUT is it the look you want?

    Or take the easier route, which brings us to hiring a Wedding Planner! Below is why you need one, and what they can do for you!

  2. “I wish I was able to enjoy myself”

    SAME! Ah, I loved my wedding but I did feel so much pressure to be so many things and do so many things. I’ve heard so much about specifically brides not enjoying themselves. Seems there is a lot of pressure for brides to get to everyone, and visit everyone — and with a big wedding this can be so so hard!

    My best advice would be to really have a solid time line and make a plan about when you’ll visit and get photos with everyone! See #1 of this blog!

  3. Wedding Planner “I wish we had a Wedding Planner to make things run smoothly and stay organized”
    A lot of couples expressed how they felt they needed more help, they were drowning, there was too many options, and too many options. I planned a wedding all on my own, it was stinking hard and I would bet your bottom dollar that had I had a planner – I wouldn’t have half the regrets I do now.

    So we know now that time lines can be super hard, but what about organizing when decor arrives, when the cake comes, or when to start serving appetizers. The list is freaking LONG, and a wedding planner can totally rock and roll with you in making this process way easier and way more enjoyable.

    Wedding planners help you leading up to the event but often times are at your wedding organizing all day and bossing people around so you don’t have to. Missing a chair? They got it. Need a bobby pin? They got it..

    10/10 worth paying for the help so you can ENJOY wedding planning, and your wedding day.

4. “I wish I realized some things are too good to be true, like cheap vendors”
The overwhelming response I received from so many past brides & grooms was about poor vendor choices! Which absolutely breaks my heart… Picking a vendor is a huge deal and often times completely overlooked. Even small weddings and elopements deserve great vendors who are going to help make your day go great, and capture your special moments!

I held a lot of regrets about my wedding photography, I wasn’t educated on who to pick and how to pick a wedding photographer. I ended up with a lot of blurry and unusable photos, my mom cried at my wedding gallery because it was such a mess. Lucky for me I had a friend who is a professional photographer there who got some amazing shots, I would be lost without them — I’d have nothing.

Look for websites, professionals have websites!! Facebook & Instagram are free, anyone can make one, but websites cost vendors money and usually only those who are legit have websites. For photographers ask about their past weddings, ask to see a low light gallery, ask to see reception photos, ask tons of questions! And lastly but obviously, check out those reviews!!

Cheap and affordable isn’t always a win, you may end up loosing out on some super important things!

5. “A back up plan for rain!!”
Oh my YES! Even those beautiful summer weddings are subject to clouds and rain! Which is totally fine, and beautiful still BUT you want to have a back up plan so your guests are absolutely soaked. Most venues will offer tents in case of rain, so make sure to ask your venue about the rain out options. Clear umbrellas are also a plus and available at most dollar stores AND super store oddly enough.

6. Videographer
Likely one of the most over looked vendors, but one of the best! My wedding videographers were amazing, and without them I wouldn’t have much considering my photographer didn’t deliver.

These moments go by so quick, and photography absolutely can capture so much, but there’s just some things that only video can really help you relive!

7. “I wish we higher a nanny to come to the venue and help with kids”
YES! This so much, at my wedding it was hard for a lot of the parents to really enjoy their time when their kids were pulling on them and driving them crazy. A super cool idea that some couples do is higher a nanny to come hangout and keep the kids busy. At my wedding we bought place mats that were wedding theme, and a bunch of colouring stuff. We also got tons of games for kids, but we didn’t get the nanny and we totally should have!

8. Too Many Opinions
What I was hearing from so many people was that there was just too many opinions. About everything!

Couples weren’t picking venues they loved, brides not choosing the dress they felt best in, and all in all making choices to better suit other peoples needs!

9. “Letting things go that I wish I had held onto”
Piggy backing off too many opinions, I was hearing from so many couples that they let go of a lot of their dreams and wants because others didn’t approve or it didn’t make sense to them.

Remember this is YOUR wedding and you can do what you want with it. Choose the colours you want, choose the venue you love, and wear whatever the F type of shoes you want to!

10. Too Much Drinking…
Ahhh, yes. The fun can be in the drinks, but sometimes it can make it very un-fun too. If I had a dollar for each bride who said “I wish my husband didn’t get so drunk” I would be rich HA! Not only that but the stories of the groomsmen and bridesmaids just getting absolutely wild in the worst ways — oh my.

Perhaps limit alcohol, or consider a paid bar and allow your guests each 2 free drinks on the hours, instead of a open bar. This encourages people to have fun but responsibly!

Well there you have it, some regrets from past couples who want you to learn from their mistakes! Make sure to make your day ABOUT YOU! Its no selfish to throw a party about you, after all you did just get hitched!

Any other advice? Leave a comment down below!


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