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Helicopter elopements & weddings

They just might be the coolest way to get hitched (we are totally not bias, at all). Ride in the sky to your own private ceremony location – magical, badass, exhilarating! Helicopter elopements in Alberta allow you to access some of the most epic views of the rockies!

We’ve got a pretty great system that allows us to hear and understand just exactly what you want for your helicopter adventure elopement, and make it come true!

The take away is that Amore Adventures offers helicopter elopement packages in Alberta that make it so absolutely seamless to get married. We work with multiple helicopter companies across Alberta with our favorite spot to fly being Canmore area.

Not only do we book and coordinate everything to do with the helicopter itself, but our packages include make up, hair, floral arrangement(s), photography, planning and coordinating of your day/vendors, officiant to legally get the job done, and even videography options. Our packages are all inclusive, which means you make one payment and don’t have to keep track of 100 things.

Our all inclusive packages start at $8200 Canadian plus applicable taxes.

For couples seeking a lighter on the wallet experience we also offer “Pop Up Wedding Days” which are elopements held on specific dates. 

Once you complete a inquiry we will reach out within 48 hours to give you info! When you decide its time to book we chat on the phone, put together a invoice and agreement, send you that info and once its paid we start planning. We send a lengthy questionnaire that gets details from you so we can put together that awesome heli elopement that you’ve been thinking of!

Short answer is yes, but most helicopters only hold 4-6 people! Think vendors, you’ll need to include them too. You can however book another helicopter for additional guests.

Our owner has been in the industry for nearly a decade, and our team started working together and formed Amore Adventures in 2019 (just before Covid). We have since planned a tooonnn of wonderful elopements both in the air and on ground. If you need a exact number, over 50?! We can’t even count anymore..

This is something we can go over in a phone chat, we have a few options and it is all really based around your goals! Our minimum landing time is 45 minutes but we always suggest adding more when you can!

Do's & Don'ts

  • Bring a small backpack or bag with water and snacks! All the excitement can make you one hungry newly-wed
  • Consider a sweater if its early spring or fall. And of course bring a jacket for the colder seasons. In the alpine  mountains it is chilly!
  • Have a back up plan in case of poor weather – helicopters are at the mercy of mother nature!!
  • Make sure you book enough time with the aircraft landed to explore, enjoy, AND say your vows/get married
  • Think about location(s) if your bringing young or older guests, some mountains are less suitable than others
  • You might want to bring some hair spray and a small brush as the headphones you need to wear sometimes disrupt hair
  • Bring a selfie stick for fun BTS
  • Consider a all inclusive company who will plan it all for you! 
  • Don’t choose a giant puffy Cinderella dress, the helicopters can be squishy and you might feel tight
  • Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes or huge high heels. Instead throw those fancy shoes in the backpack and opt for comfy sneakers, converse, or any closed toe shoes
  • Don’t forget your vows, rings, and marriage license!!

When to have a heli elopement?!

Good question! This is important, the best time of year is really just based on the location you have chosen to fly in/around.

In our opinion the best time of year is late spring until early fall, as generally in Alberta this is when we have the most ideal flying weather. The reason for this is because the helicopters/pilots cannot and will not fly in poor weather/conditions.

Granted we have done a lot of wonderful winter helicopter elopements, the safest way to ensure not getting grounded is when the weather is more predictable. Even when you choose spring to fall, don’t forget there is always a chance mother nature will step in and ground your ceremony. This is why is super important to have a back up plan, and a team helping you! We have saved many days by changing locations and still flying, however its not easy work and it doesn’t always work out to fly.

Time of day… We’ll for starters you should know depending on where you are flying helicopters need to be back on base by 5-8pm. Something you should go over with your team or helicopter company is what is the last flight available. We love a good golden hour session during 5-8pm flights. We like to avoid flying around noon as the sun is super high in the sky, but if you choose a location with shade this wont even matter! The best time of day is going to be whenever you are comfortable, but we always try for a sunset sesh.

Where, oh, where?!

Where in British Columbia is the best place for your helicopter elopement?

Our favorite and most familiar places in BC to fly is anywhere Vancouver Island, Whistler/Sea to Sky region, the Fraser Valley, and Kelowna! We have partnered with many companies in those areas and are well versed in the local conditions!

In addition to those locations, we also really love the more interior location of Golden, BC which offers some great heli landing locations for ceremonies!

Below is some images from previous helicopter elopements. 

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