The Elope in Whistler Guide | How to get hitched with a badass view

Eloping in Whistler means eloping in a diverse and wonderful terrain and atmosphere. Whistler, British Columbia is in the unceded territory of the Skwxwú7mesh & Líl̓wat First Nations. It also falls in the Pacific North West region (PNW). Located about an hour and a half from Vancouver, it is short drive for diverse and breathing taking landscapes. Whether or not your having a small elopement or a large wedding, Whistler’s versatile seasons make it one of the ultimate choices, since you can visit all year round!

Designed by a past bride (with the worry of planning in mind), in this guide we have outlined all you need to know about eloping in Whistler! Tried and true we use this list when planning our All Inclusive Elopements for our couples! Yes you heard that right Amore Adventures will plan your entire Whistler Elopement for you. We have laid this blog out in a way that works with the process of putting together your nuptials. Planning can feel overwhelming, Amore Adventures would be happy to help you with that! Our team believes that getting married shouldn’t be filled with stress – it should be exciting. If you have any questions about how you can elope in Whistler stress free, send us a message here!

The Guide To Your

Whistler Elopement


Steps to elope in Whistler:

  1. Decide how you want to spend your day

  2. Choose the time of year that fits with what you want to do and what your vision is

  3. Determine if your elopement plans include guests/witnesses

  4. Find your elopement photographer + planner and other vendors

  5. Get yourselves ready to elope by acquiring the essentials: attire, rings, vow books, etc.

  6. Book travel arrangements if necessary

  7. Gather and apply for any marriage license, and any permits required

  8. Celebrate!

Pros + Cons of eloping in Whistler

What do you want your whistler elopement to look like?

Step One: How do you want to spend your Whistler wedding day?

Eloping is already so incredible with all the endless options, just think about how vast those options could be when you add the beautiful and versatile backdrop of Whistler! Have you always dreamed of getting married on top of a snowy mountain? Maybe you’ve pictured yourself at the backdrop of a rushing waterfall or maybe even shredding down the slopes in your wedding gear!? Whatever you’ve dreamed of, I have a feeling you can pull it off in Whistler, with the right resources.

Weddings in whistler are very unique since the venues themselves are like so original! From the heart of whistlers town all the way to the outskirts of the mountain side! Some people even choose to take larger weddings up to the sky (via helicopter) to Rainbow Glacier. If the moody PNW makes your heart swoon, no matter how your wedding looks – it will look good in Whistler.

Whistler has mountains, forests, lakes, fields, and even small town city feels! Your pretty much set whether you’d like to see the sights rom up high or stay grounded in town.

It can be hard to decide what to do. My best advice is to dig deep, close your eyes and think about your wedding day. What comes to mind? Whos there, if anyone? What does the earth beneath you look like? What does the air around you smell like? Where are you? It may seem corny, but the best thing about a elopement and intimate weddings is that you can really do whatever the heck you want to. Which means you can get super dreamy and creative! Some people hone in on their hobbies, like taking a Jeep tour or taking their own 4×4 vehicle up to a scenic location and adventuring around. Think about your hobbies, and what you and your partner do together — could you turn it into a radical elopement?! Brainstorm with your partner the way you want to feel on your elopement day, and the things you want to experience! There is nothing quite like starting your marriage by doing something that resonates with you!

  • Helicopter your way up to a glacier, peak, or exclusive location

  • Take a small or huge hike to spectacular scenery

  • ATV or Jeep tours for a sunset ceremony

  • Check out the ice caves

  • Mountain bike your way to a special spot

  • Bungee jump tandem style

    The possibilities are really endless!

We offer all inclusive, you plan nothing, packages including all these adventures! 

* some locations may require permits

  • On the slopes

  • Lost Lake (a fav of mine for its amazing settings in the summer, dare to be wild and jump in the lake?!)

  • Brandywine Falls

  • Take a helicopter to one of many exclusive locations such as Rainbow Glacier & Marriage Lake

  • Iceberg Lake

  • The abandoned train trail

  • Joffre Lake

  • Suspension Bridge Park

  •  Whistler Mountain/Blackcomb Mountain

  • Or sometimes vendors (like myself) know of special places they have scoped out, that would be great!

What time of year is best to have a Whistler elopement?

Step Two: Choose the time of year that fits with what you want to do for your elopement and what your vision is..

Like much of BC all Whistlers seasons are enjoyable and offer weather to do many types of excursions/adventures! What really is the make or break for season is what you want to do, because of course some things are better done in summer and others winter! It is said that the best time to visit is between June to August for summer season and December and March for winter season.

Our recommendation: Hit up Whistler during Summer/Fall or late Spring for the best weather and activities!
*Especially if you are leaning towards a helicopter adventure!

September(late) – November ☀️ 🌦 ❄️ ☔️
If you plan to travel during this time you should note that temperatures have a high of about 20 and a low of 5, and historically speaking Whistler sees the most rain in November. If your plans include a lot of outdoor activity and you don’t want to get rained out, September and October may be more predicable for the fall months.

December – March 🌦 ❄️❄️❄️❄️
Said to be the best season to visit in if you enjoy the slopes, winter in Whistler is simply magical! The town looks stunning covered with a blanket of fluffy white snow and the place is bumping with winter activities. If you are thinking of a ground ceremony, this might just be the best time to go if you picture snow in your ceremony. Take note though, that some locations and hikes are closed due to weather — so be sure to ask your planner about this!

April – May ☀️ 🌦 ☔️ ❄️
The most popular time to visit for camping and hiking, since the weather is quite nice but the heat isn’t yet blazing! The mountains still see snow until April, so your safe to hit the slopes and have a blast even in the spring! The town usually has a lot of festivals going on during this time as well, so again lots to do to celebrate your recent marriage!

June – August/Early September ☀️
Traveling to whistler during this time means your goin to get beautiful sunny and warm weather! Expect to see highs of 26 degrees during these months, and less than 80mm of rain per a month. Grab your swim suits, not only does whistler have a ton of amazing hotel pools, its boasting with lakes to catch a break from the heat in! The town also usually has some great outdoor concerts going on throughout the summer, which could be a great after celebration for your elopement!

Photography, planning, and other vendors!

Steps Three & Four: Determine if your elopement plans include guests/witnesses + Find your elopement photographer + planner and other vendors

You’ve done the magic of picking what you want to do, or maybe you haven’t and you need help — that’s where those vendors come in!  Finding vendors is important, and something sometimes overlooked! There is so much importance of being comfortable with the people you choose to have be apart of your day. Think about how vulnerable you are being, saying your vows, shedding a tear, starting your married life! You for sure don’t want someone who doesn’t get you to be there for all those moments, and certainly not a photographer you don’t vibe, since sometimes we get up in your business to get those killer shots!

If you are choosing to have multiple people at your elopement, you’ll need plans for afterwards like a airbnb that allows large groups, a venue, or even a restaurant! Deciding whether or not to have guests is tricky, try to picture your day – who do you see there and what are they doing?! Follow your heart on this one.

Those who service Whistler can get pretty booked up, so make sure to start this process asap! Amore Adventures team services Whistler or try www.kateymac.com

If you don’t know much about Whistler, your going to want someone who does to help make this as seamless as possible. Luckily Amore Adventures does all inclusive whistler elopements or offers a team of vendors to work with you for your day (we have a planner, photographer, videographer, etc.)

So overlooked but such a wonderful vendor to have, especially if you don’t have any family or friends there! Sometimes your photographer will have someone they love working with, feel free to ask them!

Make sure to find one who aligns with your elopement and/or adventure!

Whistler has a few great ones to choose from, or ask your other vendors who they enjoy working with and recommend!

If your wanting your hair and make up done, you’ll need to start looking soon! These vendors also book up rather quick.

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Some locations need permits, so you’ll need to book those if needed!


Getting yourselves ready to get hitched!

Step Five: Get yourselves ready to elope by acquiring the essentials: attire, rings, vow books, etc.

Time to think about you! What do you and your partner plan to wear? Are you going classical or do you want to try something new?! Who says you have to get married in a formal wear! Same way there is endless options on HOW you can elope, there is so so so many options on what you can wear! To start bring storming what you want to wear you really need to think about what fits with what you are doing. If you are doing a winter hike, your going to obviously need warmer clothing. If you have chosen a summer helicopter tour you could probably get away with converse. If you picked a excision style elopement you’ll want to check in with your adventure provider to see what they recommend wearing.

TIP: You don’t have to wear your dress to the location, you can slip away and throw it on at almost all the locations I have ever photographed! We can even bring blankets to cover you up and help the changing process. Of course for big dresses this doesn’t work as well, but for smaller less puffy dresses you can fold them up without wrinkling, or bring them in a dress bag! I’ve seen it all.

Licenses + Permits!

Step Seven: Permits and Licenses required to have your elopement

There’s two things can seem so scary, I promise they aren’t! I was so lost when it came to a marriage license that I forgot until a WEEK before and luckily I got one! I suggest getting one a month before, and making sure of course all permits are done way ahead of time — so there’s no surprises!

For some reason when it was time for me to get my marriage license, I totally blanked. Its actually super simple! Here’s a link of all the places close to you that you can pick up a marriage license at for British Columbia, click here.
If you are from out of province this may look a bit different for you! Check with your planner or commissioner to find out what type of licensing you will need to get and anything else you need for out of province/country marriages.

You wont necessarily need a permit, depending on your location.
Some places may require a permit that can run up to $400, so you really need to research if you haven’t chosen a vendor that can do the research for you (planner or all inclusive package).

Many areas groups/gatherings under 15 do not require permits, but do check with your vendors and the location in which you wish to elope!

Time to celebrate!

Lastly, time for y’all to figure out if you want to celebrate right after your elopement or a few days later. This looks different for everyone, some people hit the town for a beer, while others meet their family and friends at dinner to celebrate. Sometimes (and this is one of my favs) couples will throw a party a few days or weeks later to celebrate, especially if the marriage was a surprise to anyone!

Remember that you marriage is about you, so how you celebrate should be too!

Do something that makes you feel happy and comfortable.

Thanks for reading! The Amore Adventures team looks forward to hearing from you!


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